"In the Path" Solar Eclipse                           Monday August 21st                                

International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2017                   Tuesday, September 19

Toledo Wooden Boat Show!                            Saturday and Sunday August 19th and 20th                                                                                                                             

Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show                 Saturday and Sunday April  22nd  & 23rd  2017

Upcoming Events: 

The Teak Ladies Society *  Historical Wooden Vessels                      

​​​​​​The Teak Ladies Society

Teak Ladies Society  

The Teak Ladies Society is a community organization dedicated to the Restoration, Preservation and exceptional maintenance of the Teak Ladies': 

"MaZu" and  "Che Hon"

And to create a resource for the remaining Teak Ladies. 

Toledo Summer Festival                                  July 2017 - dates will update as announced

Teak Ladies Society:    CRAFTMANSHIP & QUALITY


Our Team is dedicated to the  rich history of the Teak Lady's and preserving their wonder. Whether you’re searching for a rare glimpse of history or to admire the beauty and character of these unique boats, we will walk you through our collection to find exactly what you are looking for.