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Michael Bogoger.

"My most pertinent contribution, career-wise has been my involvement as a Port of Toledo community outreach volunteer, dating back to the first Wooden Boat Show. This resume' includes boatbuilding demos with Rick at Depoe Bay and Toledo, restoration of Teak Ladies, teaching boatbuilding at Toledo High School, development and design of the Community Boathouse, mentoring kids in building and using homemade boats, the Family Boatbuild at the Toledo Show and of course, the DoryMan webblog ( My boatbuilding experience goes back 40 years and continues today".  -June 2016

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About Us

Our team is made up of Community members, community organizations, volunteers, shipwrights, and free mariners. We believe that in order to understand the value of something, you must be able to see, touch and experience it. Therefore, we work with our community to enhance visibility,  come visit us to meet with our talented local artisans and experience their craftsmanship first hand! Enjoy not only the boats wonder, but the story behind them. 

Rick Johnson- Master Shipwright.

"Rick is really a man onto his own. He is one of the most passionate and informed individuals, I have ever meet- with a heart of Gold".  - Captain Dave

Rick was instrumental in the repairs of the Teak Lady "MaZu" , Rick's Mastery and Passion allowed the "MaZu" to be a beautiful addition to the Port of Toledo. Rick is a true Sailor and Old soul, his hands are the tools that can design and construct true modern masterpieces.  From the beauty and care Rick has continually put into every boat he has touched to his beloved Gypsy Rose of the Port, Rick continues to impress the world of old through his unique ability to incorporate new ideals with the old, staying true to the history of the Wooden Boats he loves. 

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