Teak Lady Registry             

​Hull #  Name on File  Year  Owner 

12. Mui Kwi 


14.  Mui Fa'a    1939     Washington



17. Pac Lin

18.  Gung Ho      1939     Dan Brown

19.Geong Taigoon

20 Dragonfly 1958     Jim Irving 

21  Mazu        1958   Port of Toledo

Known Boat Names 

1. Chu Kun

2. Woo Dip 

​3. Chi Tao

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Last update August 11, 2016 

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              Teak Lady Registry             

​Hull #  Name on File  Year  Owner 

1. Pang Loy (Yuan Mun)

2. Wom Kam


4.   Confucious   1939   Charles Bonden

5. Due Sim      1939   S.F. Museum

6.  Yut Yee    1939    Thorton Thomas

7.  Perquod

8. Kui Fei        1939    W.F. Nichols

9. Cheng Ho     1944     Fenton Kilkenny

10.  Lui Wor   1939    Nico T. L. Belic

11.  Che hon     1939    Port of Toledo

The Teak Lady Registry 


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