The Teak Lady Society is committed to excellence in the historical archiving of the Teak Lady vessels and their history. Below visitors can find a file on each of the known Teak Lady sail boats and their archived information. Please enjoy the public access to this phenomenal collection of historical documents. We are always updating and rely on the public and historical organizations to complete this masterpiece of historical archiving. 

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Yuan Mun
Pang Loy
Wom Kam
Teak Lady # 3
Due Sim
Yut Yee
Kui Fei
Cheng Ho
Lui Wor
Che Hon
Mui Kwi
Teak Lady # 13
Chu Kun
Teak Lady # 15
Teak Lady # 16
Pac Lin
Gung Ho
Geong Taigoon
Woo Dip
Sai She
Mei Ling